Full Stack Development

40 Hours

Course Outline

Module 1

This module provides Introduction to Front end web development alongwith basics of Cloud Computing
1. Introduction to HTML
2. Introduction to CSS
3. Introduction to Javascript.
4. Introduction to AJAX.
5. Introduction to jQuery.
6. Definition and essential characteristics of cloud computing
7. Different types of service and deployment models of cloud computing
8. Various components of a cloud computing architecture
9. Role of DevOps in addressing some of the complexities of cloud computing
5. Emerging trends in Cloud Computing
Module 2

Module 2 gives introduction to web frameworks, database :
1. Introduction to Web Frameworks.
     a. Python bases webframeworks : Flask and Django
     b. JS based webframeworks : Node.js
2. Introduction to Flask.

     a. Syntax
     b. Routing
     c. Dynamic Routing
     d. render HTML Templates
     e. Handle POST, GET requests
     f. Handling Form Data
3. Introduction to Django.

     a. Understanding Project Structure of Django.
     b. Syntax
     c. Creating multiple apps in Django.
     d. Dymystifing settings.py in Django.
     e. Handling POST, GET Requests
4. Introduction to Database.
     a. Types of Database.
     b. Best Practices for making Database schema.
     c. Introduction to Firebase and MySQL.
5. Firebase and MySQL Database.
     a. How to create a Firebase Project.
     b. Understanding Firebase Realtime Database Rules.
     c. Creating DB Scheme in MySQL.
     d. Structuring Queries in MySQL.
6. Integrate Database to Web Frameworks.
     a. Integrate Firebase and MySQL to Flask.
     b. Push Data to Database.
     c. Retrieve Data from Database
Module 3

     a.Version Control Systems
     b. Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Build Tool
     c. Software and Automation Testing Frameworks
     d. Configuration Management Tools
     e. Containerization with Docker
     f. Continuous Monitoring
2. Deploy WebApp in Heroku.
     a. Setup Gunicorn and configuration of Dynos.
3. Setup in VPS in Digital Ocean and Deploy WebApp in VPS.
     a. Setup VPS
     b. Install LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) Stack in VPS.
     c. Configuration for running Flask WebApp in Nginx
     d. Integrate SSL to ensure HTTPS serve.
     e. Configure multiple server blocks in Nginx to deploy multiple webapps.
4. Projects [Attendance Taking App and Transliteration Keyboard].


1. Laptop with Internet Connectivity.
2. IDE of your choice : Recommended VS Code.
3. GitHub Account and Git.
4. Python3.
5. Dependencies : Flask, Django, Firebase, MySQL, Nginx

Arko Chatterjee, Babu Balu, Gopan Govindan

Arko is a Full Stack Engineer at GAIUS Networks, where he lead the engineering team to develop powerful algorithms and webapps to empower the next 3 billion mobile users to interact, transact and monetize with local content and communities. He completed his undergrad from SRM-IST, India with research interests in Computer Vision and experienced in Full Stack and UI/UX

Babu Balu is a Technical Architect at Brainchild Technologies LLP, where he heads a team in software development and services for the Data Storage Industry. His primary focus is in Test Automation using Python. A seasoned professional who has a lot experience in the industries across verticals mentoring and nurturing teams.

Gopan's technical interests are - Computer Networking, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing and its derivatives, specialising in : Routing, Switching, Wireless, SDN, Google Analytics, Telecom, Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management