Accelerated Course on Software Development

20 Hours

Course Outline

Module 1

This module is primarily focussed on Web Development :
1. Learning basics with HTML
2. Give life to HTML with CSS
     a. Flexbox
     b. Gridbox
     c. Bootstrap
     d. Materialize
3. Introduction to Javascript.
     a. Basic Javascript
     b. Handling Errors with Dialogbox in JS
4. Powering jQuery with AJAX
5. Structuring JSON Response through Javascript
Module 2

Module 2 gives introduction to introductory tools and libraries required for Software Development :
1. Maintaining code with GitHub
     a. Commiting code to Git
     b. Why should you use branches?
     c. Trying Pull Request and Merging codebase to Master Branch
     d. Introduction to CI/CD practices
2. Python Basics
     a. Operator, Relation and Logical Functions
     b. Defining Varaiables and handling Input/Output
     c. List, Tupules and Dictionary
     d. Fuctions and Classes
Module 3

Module 3 gives introduction to advanced tools and libraries required for Software Development :
1. Deploy static webpages using GitHub Pages
2. Set up Nginx and Apache in AWS or any VPS (Virtual Private Server)
3. Connect Database using MySQL, Firebase.
4. Deploying WebApp in Heroku


1. Laptop with Internet Connectivity.
2. IDE of your choice : Recommended VS Code.
3. GitHub Account and Git.
4. Python3.
5. Dependencies : Flask and Firebase.

Arko Chatterjee, Babu Balu

Arko is a Full Stack Engineer at GAIUS Networks, where he lead the engineering team to develop powerful algorithms and webapps to empower the next 3 billion mobile users to interact, transact and monetize with local content and communities. He completed his undergrad from SRM-IST, India with research interests in Computer Vision and experienced in Full Stack and UI/UX

Babu Balu is a Technical Architect at Brainchild Technologies LLP, where he heads a team in software development and services for the Data Storage Industry. His primary focus is in Test Automation using Python. A seasoned professional who has a lot experience in the industries across verticals mentoring and nurturing teams.